Tundra Gear Steps up its Web Game

Posted on 11 December 2014

Can you believe our last full site update was in 2009!? in internet time that's like 20 years ago. A LOT has changed since then: mobile browsing and shopping, the fall of the Berlin wall, Kim Kardashian got married, 4k Televisions, global warming... then cooling... then climate change, Kim Kardashian got married again!, Aras was back on Survivor, Adam Seacrest grew 1/4" - I mean it's been a busy few years! 

This full overhaul of tundragear.com comes just in time for the 2014 Christmas season! We're excited to bring you this new experience that will make it waaay easier to shop on your phone, through facebook, or wherever else is convenient.

Oh and did I mention FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $100? 'cause yeah, that's happening too.

After all, what good is a slick site if it can't get you the badass Tundra Gear products you desperately need to survive this winter cold and look good doing it?

Stay warm my friends.
Tundra Dave

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