Our Tundra Cold Weather Hats Are The Warmest Trapper Hat You’re Going To Find

Posted on 30 January 2015

If you’re looking for cold weather hats and found our Tundra hats, it’s because you want to look good while getting a head hug all day long. Can you imagine how much you’d have to pay to have someone hug your head all the time? These hats are warm, and they’re not just hats, they’re also ear flaps, cheek warmers, and chin snuggies. Good thing this hat takes care of all of those things; think of the savings you get by not having to buy separate cheek warmers!  If you’re really bad at math, this hat actually makes you money! (disclaimer: This hat does not make you money)

Our hats are made out of faux fur, which of course means fake fur. Even if we wanted to use real fur, which we don’t, then we couldn’t claim they’re the warmest. Because our hats are warmer than fur. How, you say?

Well, humans are pretty awesome at using, replicating, and sometimes even bettering what nature can offer. We’ve made planes faster than birds, cars faster than cheetahs, and poison better than a white snake’s. And we’ve made our Tundra hats warmer than the traditional rabbit, sheepskin, or muskrat fur of the typical ushanka.

Wait, a what? Well, our Tundra hats are styled on ushanka hats, a word meaning “ear hats” in Russian (no joke). They’ve been around for hundreds of years but really became a symbol of Russia during the Cold War (or “Warm Ear War” as the Russians called it). Trapper hats are also based on the ushanka hats but have a bit of bomber hat tossed in.

Anyway, are these hats warm? Abs-ushankan-lutely. You’ll be so amazed at how warm your head can be you’ll wish we made hats for hands. We'd call them hand hats. Dare to dream...


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