Are Tundra Hats made out of real fur?

All of our winter hats, Tundra Hats and Snowboarding Hats, are 100% vegan. There are no animal products on any of our hats. The fur we use is a synthetic acrylic fur and provides superior warmth and comfort.

Can you recommend a good handyman?

Absolutely. His name is Michael. He lives in Santa Monica. He does everything, except electrical. You need a certified electrician for that kind of stuff.

Tundra Hat washing instructions?

Our Tundra Hats are most safely and effectively cleaned when taken to the dry cleaners.

How long can I leave an open carton of almond milk in the fridge?

It really depends. How cold is your refrigerator? Is the almond milk organic? Did you properly close the carton when you were done using it? The Health Department, if you believe THOSE guys, recommends keeping an open carton of almond milk for no longer than 7 days.

What is your return policy?

Tundra Gear guarantees all products we manufacture and sell at our online store to be free from defects of workmanship. We will gladly replace or refund you for any defective items you wish to return. If you're unsatisfied with the fit, quality, color, or size of an item you may return it and choose an item in another size or color. We will gladly replace any item that you're not completely happy with.

Please note the following limitations:

•  Item must be returned within 30 days from date of purchase.
•  Items that have been laundered or altered in any way cannot be accepted for exchange or return.
•  Items will ONLY be refunded if they are defective. All other items may be exchanged but not returned.
•  We do not refund Shipping and Handling charges.

Why can’t I add items to my shopping bag?

Your web browser probably has "cookies" disabled. What's a cookie you ask? It's a tasty treat, but it's also a small file stored on your computer that keeps track of what you're doing on our web site. This file allows us to "remember" what's in your shopping bag. Some people are worried that cookies can be used for profiling or even planting viruses. Tundra Gear does not subscribe to either of these practices.

Will wearing a Tundra Hat help me lose weight?

Look, if you're eating 5 large meals a day and never exercise, there's nothing much our winter hats or anything else, for that matter, can do for you. But on the flip side, if you wear one of our Tundra Hats while running on the treadmill for hours at a time, you might just be on to something! (Consult a physician before you do any exercise, Tundra Hat or not)

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payment by credit cards and PayPal. No Cash on Delivery (COD) or alternate payment methods are available. If you don't have a credit card, remember that any Debit Card or ATM card with the Visa or MasterCard logo is also valid.

What are your shipping options, policies, and prices?

Tundra Gear offers two shipping options at reasonable rates. We use USPS Priority Mail which usually takes 5-7 days. For those customers looking to expedite the process, we also offer Express Mail via USPS.

Why does my boss give me such a hard time at work?

There are a couple of reasons your boss could be giving you such a hard time at the office. Lets start with the most obvious explanation.

•  Your boss thinks you are less effective when you show up to work drunk from the previous night's activities. Not sure if you're aware of this, but most bosses aren't too stoked when their employees are on the clock and are reeking of Franzia. If you were working at Tundra Gear, it might be ok, but lets face it, you're not working at Tundra Gear. Our advice: Stop drinking so much or get a night job.

•  Your boss doesn't like the fact that on more than one occasion you have sold company property on ebay in an effort to drum up a little extra spending money . Truth be told, your boss's reaction is completely understandable. In fact, what you did was actually illegal and you could be thrown in jail. But we understand your side too. It's a tight rope. You definitely want a little extra dough, but you don't want to get fired and put in jail either. Advice: You figure this one out, we're not stepping in.

Why am I not receiving any e-mail confirmations?

Please check your "spam" filter settings. By rejecting unwanted junk e-mail, you may be inadvertently blocking our messages. Some web-based e-mail (such as Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail) may block e-mail from unknown senders; you may need to deactivate these settings or check your "junk mail" folder.
When you get an e-mail from Tundra Gear, we suggest you choose to "allow sender". This will permit future e-mail from Tundra Gear to reach you without further problems.

Why do people who wear Tundra Hats look so much happier than everyone else in my neighborhood?

Wouldn't you be happy if you were all warm and toasty in your Tundra Gear winter hat and there were real people calling you every night, not just those awful automated telemarketing services? Tundra Hats are so distinct that when you're wearing one, people are going to be drawn to you; they'll want to know your name; they'll stare at you and whisper enviously to their friends; some might even come up to you and ask to try on your hat. Really, its true! No more cold lonely Redbox nights. No more waiting for someone to poke you on Facebook. Tundra Hats are a game changer.

How can I track my shipment?

When your order ships you will receive an e-mail confirmation. This e-mail will contain a tracking number that you can use to check the status of your shipment.

What is an Ushanka?

Ushanka is just a fancy foreign word for the super warm Tundra Hats we sell. If you couldn't tell, we've styled our Tundra Hats after the traditional Russian fur hat. In Russia, the word ushanka is used to refer to the traditional Russian winter hat. So every now and then you'll see us using that word on our site. Learn something new everyday, don't ya?

How do I redeem a promo code (online coupon) for a discount Tundra Gear fur hat?

From time-to-time Tundra Gear sends special promotional offers via email and banner ads. Offers may include a "promo code". Activate your promo code during the payment step of the checkout process. Enter your code into the "Promo Code and Gift Certificates" box, then click the "Apply" button. The discount or special offer will be applied to your order.
If your promo code fails to activate it may because it has expired, or perhaps the items in your shopping cart are not eligible.

Will I get more attention from the opposite sex if I wear a Tundra Hat?

Tundra Hats are rad. We probably wouldn't be in business if they weren't so cool. And if you wear a Tundra Hat in public, people are going to take notice. How you use that attention? Well, that's up to you.

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