Tundra Band: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Runners

Free your tunes from all the wires as you workout with our Bluetooth Tundra Band that wicks away sweat, stays in place & last all day!

About this project

Whether you’re an avid runner, cyclist, CrossFitter, gym junkie, parkour pro, or you like to climb Mt. Shasta on the weekends, there’s one thing we all have in common:

Love of Music.

You can’t imagine your life without it. But the truth is, it’s a pain to take your corded headphones everywhere you go. Let’s not hold it against them, though. They weren’t designed for an active lifestyle! But, that’s exactly why we created the Tundra band.

It’s design is the secret to more safety, more comfort, more jams and more freedom while you run. With the Tundra Band, you’ll enjoy:

    • Completely integrated headphones that are housed in the headband and provide optimum sound quality PLUS superior comfort and style.

      • A distraction-free experience with headphones that don’t have those pesky wires that bounce against your chest, get snagged on clothing, and get tangled up easily… so you can stay more focused on your workout or simply enjoy the fresh air and beautiful outdoors with your favorite tunes in the background.

        • State-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.1 technology with a massive range of 30 feet that keeps you connected on the go and gives you 60 hours standby time and 8+ hours play time and take calls while you do what you love most.

          • Water-wicking, sweat-resistant, washable material that is ultra durable, stays in place, and keeps moisture out of your eyes while you enjoy a leisurely hike or train for your next marathon.

            • A safe solution for outdoor runners and active people like you who need to stay alert… You’ll be able to listen to your music and still hear enough outside noise to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

              • The most comfortable, lightweight design that rests effortlessly on the top of your ears… instead of painful earbuds or heavy, bulky over-the-ear style headphones.

                With the Tundra Band, you have the freedom to be completely comfortable, safe, and unrestricted in your element, no matter where you go.

                The Story: From Passionate Fans to an Innovative Brand

                We’re a 7-year-old company started by one of the winners of the original reality TV show “Survivor.” Our journey started with designing cold weather hats that keep passionate sports fans toasty and comfortable in extreme elements.

                Acquired in 2014 by a tech savvy, outdoor lifestyle team in Northern California, Tundra Gear now focuses on enhancing your every day experiences in the elements.

                Knowing how music makes everything better, we decided to harness the latest technology and create our Bluetooth beanies that deliver sound straight through your cozy headwear.
                Best of all, they are wireless. These wearable headphones are great for hiking and cold weather activities, but some of our staff (who are avid runners) had another idea…

                We needed something lightweight and streamlined. Something that would resist sweat and wick water. And we definitely needed to be 100% integrated for zero distractions and tangled messes.

                And so the Tundra Band was born.
                Our ultimate goal is to provide you with freedom from distractions and superior safety and comfort so you can fully enjoy being in your element. Whether that’s out at your gym, on a back road, on top of a mountain, or anywhere in between. But we need your help to make that happen.

                What Makes These Headphones So Perfect For People with Active Lifestyles?

                They go where you go. It’s finally easy to grab your headphones and go. There are no tangled wires to fight with. Just connect them to your phone via Bluetooth and hit the road, the trails, the beach, the gym, or anywhere you want to go. Plus they wick water and resist sweat!

                They won’t get in your way or slow you down. Stay focused on your run or other activity without bouncing wires or added weight. You’ll hardly even notice these ultra slim and lightweight wireless headband style headphones that are about to become your new favorite adventure buddy.

                They deliver amazing, energy-boosting sound quality. Just because you don’t stuff these headphones into your eardrums doesn’t mean they don’t still sound great. Stay pumped with the highest sound quality thanks to these premium Bluetooth 4.1 headphones designed with active people like you in mind.

                They eliminate distractions, not safety. These headphones are designed specifically for runners, outdoor enthusiasts, and anybody who likes to work or play and have access to their music while still being able to hear a conversation from 3 feet away. They aren’t noise canceling, so you can stay alert without sacrificing your songs.

                They keep you looking and feeling great all day. No more bulky headphones that cover your entire ear and feel obnoxious. No more earbuds that put painful pressure on the inside of your ears. These very slim headphones offer all day comfort -- And we’re pretty sure it’s 8-hour battery won’t wear out before you do.

                Here’s where we need your help. 

                First of all, back us and get one for yourself. 

                Second, if you know someone else who would love this, get one for them too! 

                And finally, help us get the word out by sharing this project.

                So, are you in? Then, join us in bringing Tundra Bands to life and music to your ears.

                Reward Tiers

                • $49: Early, Early Bird, 1 Tundra Band delivered before Christmas
                • $59: Early Bird, 1 Tundra Band 
                • $89: Early, Early Bird Buddy Pack, 2 Tundra Bands delivered before Christmas
                • $99: Early Bird Buddy Pack, 2 Tundra Bands
                • $349: The Big Tundra Band 10 Pack
                • $10,000: The Ultimate Tundra Band Adventure!  


                Want to go sailing and party with our founders? We’ll fly you and a guest from anywhere in the US and let you spend an action-packed day with the founders of Tundra Gear in California. Rent a yacht and go sailing all afternoon, hang out with the CEO and executive team, and enjoy luxurious accommodations with this exclusive invitation to brainstorm and be part of the creation process of our next innovative product letting you join us on our Tundra Gear adventure in person!

                All this plus 2 totally custom color Tundra Bands. We will work with our manufacturer to create a totally unique color exclusively for you and a friend. This will not be sold in any stores and will only belong to you.

                CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE!

                Risks and challenges

                We know with any projects there will always be risks. We have done our very best to look ahead and tackle them before they arise. However, we do want to let you know what is possible although very unlikely. We have been importing products for over 7 years and have an amazing team working to ensure this project is smooth from top to bottom.

                1. Shipment from the manufacturer can be delayed. We do not control US Customs. Last year they were on strike and it delayed shipments 30 days. With this project we are specifically using air freight to avoid this problem.

                2. Holiday shipments could be delayed. Our current time table allows for up to 2 weeks to ship items before Christmas from our California warehouse but the US Post office is not on our payroll. We will do everything in our power to make sure our early backers get hooked up for the holiday.

                3. Your product may have a defect. We have the strictest manufacturing tolerances and have a very tightly maintained quality control process. Only the best products make it through. If for any reason you have any issues with your product we have a 1 year warranty to ensure your total satisfaction.

                4. We are new to Kickstarter. This may mean we have a learning curve to overcome. We fully commit to having an open channel of communication with all of our backers in case any other unforeseen challenges arise and will swiftly rectify them.



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